Leverage Season 4, Episode 7

The Grave Danger Job

series poster Leverage Season 4 Episode 6 Next job for the Leverage team involves money from dead people. There next target is a charming funeral director who earn money from her grieving mourners. The crew also discovers that she is selling the names and other identification details of the dead to a deadly Mexican drug cartel. Leverage season 4 episode 7: The Grave Danger Job was directed by John Harrison and written by Rebecca Kirsch.
Aired: August 14, 2011
  • nelly


  • nelly

    like your site very much, but hey, why aren’t there any links to watch the last leverage episode online? can you please do something about it?

    • http://www.telepisodes.net Telepisodes

      @nelly, I think they move the airing date next week. Let me check it and update the air date of the episode.