Supernatural Season 1, Episode 7

Hook Man

series poster Sam and Dean investigate the brutal death of a college student, and the victim's girlfriend Lori (Jane McGregor) says that the attacker was invisible. More attacks occur, with the victims seemingly connected to the girl. The brothers believe that the killer is the Hook Man, and research indicates that it is the vengeful spirit of Jacob Karns, a preacher who murdered 13 prostitutes in 1862 with the hook that replaced his lost hand and was later put to death for his crimes. To stop the spirit, they must destroy the hook, which unfortunately was reforged into an unknown object by the church after Karns' death. When they search the church for the object, Lori and the brothers are confronted by the Hook Man. Their quick thinking saves them, as the brothers realize that Lori's cross necklace
Aired: October 25, 2005