The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 7

Pretty Much Dead Already

series poster Rick insists on staying in the farm because it is life inside, and death outside. Hershell still refuses to let the group stay there. They have a discussion where Rick tells him that his wife is pregnant, but Hershell does not change his mind yet. Everybody knows now what is inside the barn: a horde of walkers. Shane tells Rick to take down the door of the and kill all the zombies. Every walking dead fans should watch this 7th episode as it will be the last of the series before a long 3 month hiatus. So be here and watch The Walking Dead season 2 episode 7 online.
Aired: November 27, 2011
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  • Haj

    FYI guys! Some says that this is the season finale of The Walking Dead season 2 but actually it is not. It is just the last episode of 2011 and the show will be back by February 2012 for the episode 8. Yet another holiday hiatus from a great show!